Professional online course about bakery
In over 40 lessons you'll learn all types of puff pastry, croissant dough, brioche, donuts and other viennoiseries.
Starts on:
December 20th
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Program of the course
Week 1
1 - 10 lesson
-Equipment, ovens, lamination machines
-Ingredients & butter for viennoiserie/puff pastry
-Module “Fillings for viennoiserie”
-Dough kneading (dough mixer/planetary mixer)
-Butter preparation for lamination
-Dough layering (hand layering/lamination machine)

Week 2
11 - 21 lesson
-Correct use of equipment
-Proofer for bakery/home
-Freezeng of unbaked viennoiserie
-Baking in convection and deck oven
-Classic croissant, bi-color, pain au chocolat
-Doublebaked croissants, danish, raisin snails

Week 3
22 - 31 lesson
-Cruffin, peach squares
-Knot, swiss bread
-Donuts, berliners, layered donuts
-Kouign aman, babka, canele
-Shaping with stencils
-“Face cut” puff pastry

Week 4
32 - 40 lesson
-Classic brioche (made with dough mixer)
-Chocolate brioche (made with planetary mixer)
-Kouglof, cinnabons, tart tropezienne, toast bread
-Classic puff pastry/inverted puff pastry
-Chausson aux pommes, fruit tart
-Palmier, apricot tart

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october 19th
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44% off available for 24 hours
I'm a total beginner, will this course suit me?
Absolutely! The course covers every step of the process, from the absolute basics through to complex techniques. You also have access to online support during the programme so we can help you with any questions you may have.
How much does Bakeland cost?
The course price is 1155€ and includes your own account, 30 lessons and full support during the course. You can pay by card or PayPal. You can also pay in installments.
Do you provide the list of ingredients that we need for the course?
Yes sure, you'll get this list in our Flashland recipe book. You'll get in in the 1st course lesson, then you will have enough time to set up everything.
What equipment do I need to follow the course?
For sure you will need planetary mixer, oven, and piping bag with eclair nozzle. For the rest of equipment we have one big lesson only about equipment. We suggest to watch this lesson first, and then choose right equipment for your conditions.
Is this course in English?
Yes, online course Flashland is totally in English. Including all materials.
How long does the support last?
The online support lasts for the duration of the course and you can contact us at anytime after the course. We also have FAQs in each lesson with all questions/answers from other students!
Do I have to complete homework during the course?
Yes and No! We trust you to decide what works best for you based on your experience and ambitions. You can send us your home work and we'll check everything and give you recommendations if needed or you can do everything yourself. However, we do hope you will use all knowledge in you life, production, pastry shop and ect.
I have a question about the course, who I can ask?
You can send your questions to or What's app and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.