Get instructions on how to successfully launch your own bakery. Find out how to set up bakeries properly, what equipment to choose for viennoiserie / croissants / puff pastry / brioche, what packages to use, how to sell viennoiserie and how to avoid the common mistakes in the future.
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What you’ll discover during 3 hours live class
Croissants and viennoiserie products. Product assortment for shop / selling
Main problems and mistakes during production organization
Packaging for viennoiserie. Where and how to create your own?
Where to sell croissants and viennoiserie and how to price your product
Main equipment/ingredients for puff pastry and viennoiserie. For small start-up and large production
Viennoiserie types(brioche, croissant, puff pastry ect). What exist? What’s the difference. What’s the best for selling?
Question/Answer. Ask any question that you have
This is how viennoiserie looks like
This class
is perfect for you if
Want to start viennoiserie making, but don’t know what to start with
You’re already making croissants and different viennoiserie, but you’re not satisfied with the result. 
Croissants don’t have nice even layer
Want to sell viennoiserie 
and croissants but don’t know where and how
Want to know how to produce 250-400 croissants per day at small production. 
Or 3000 croissants at large production
Want to organize production to make different viennoiserie types(croissants, brioche, donut, puff pastry, kouglof ect.)
Don’t know what equipment, ovens, proofers, laminating machines to choose
Never done viennoiserie in your life. 
But want to learn new skills
Want to know about packaging 
and storage for viennoiserie
Want to know how to calculate food cost and price for croissants and viennoiserie
What bonuses are you going to get
Free video-lesson & recipe
from online course «Bakeland»
PDF file «Food cost and calculation — for bakery»
List of equipment
for bakery production
Special bonuses
(For the class participants only!)
Hi! I am Smbat Tonoyan - baker with over 7 year experience. I started my journey as a baker in The Brioche bakery 7 years ago. Then I moved to Poland and worked for Le delicia pastry-bakery. After that, I started working for Paul where I learned systematic work and organization of the production, then I was working for the Hilton hotel. After a while, I was invited to become a Head baker at the ODI pastry-bakery-restaurant. In the end of 2018 I and my-coworkers launched a brand-new bakery — Drazhyn Bakery, we’ve opened 5 bakeries and started B2B sales. At the same time I began to carry out master-classes and consultations of the productions in all the CIS countries and the USA. Recently I work as a Head baker in the Pechorin bakery. I hope I can share with you my knowledge and experiences which I’ve been gaining for these years. See you soon!
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