Get instructions on how to successfully launch your own panning production. Find out what chocolate dragees are and why they are so shiny, which equipment to buy, how to sell your creations and what common mistakes are to avoid in the future.
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What you’ll discover during 3 hours live class
Dragee & panned products. Product assortment
for shop / selling
Five common problems and mistakes during production organization
Where to sell and how
to price your product
Main equipment for panning. For small start-up and large production
What is polishing process?
Polishing glaze. Shiny dragee.
Ways to achieve it
Question/Answer. Ask any question that you have
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This is how
dragee looks like
This class
is perfect for you if
Want to start dragee making, but don’t know what to start with
You’re already making dragee, but you’re not satisfied with the result, shine and shape. Dragee aren’t smooth and shiny
Want to sell dragee and panned products but don’t know where and how
Want to know how to produce 400kg per months at small production. Or 4000kg at large production
Want to organize production to make shiny and smooth dragee, with different colors, shapes and flavors.
Don’t know what panning
equipment to choose
Never done dragee and panning in your life. But want to learn new skills
Want to know about packaging
and storage for dragee
Want to know how to calculate food cost and price for chocolate dragee
What bonuses are you going to get
Free video-lesson & recipe
from online course «Drageeland»
PDF file «Food cost and calculation — for dragee»
List of equipment
for dragee production
Special bonuses
(For the class participants only!)
Hello, I’m Vladislav Panchenko, a chocolatier. I have over 9 years of experience working in pastry, with the last 5 being solely focused on chocolate. After finishing pastry school in France, I moved to Moscow to work at the Chocolate Academy for the Barry Callebaut Company. In 2018, I left the Academy to become an international consultant and pastry instructor. I’ve since had the pleasure of teaching masterclasses in more than 15 countries globally (including Dubai, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait and other countries). This year has brought many changes for us all. And i’ve spent this time bringing online new topic to teach — dragee and panning production. I’ve taught a lot of people during live classes. I hope I can share with you my knowledge and experiences which I’ve been gaining for these years. See you soon!
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nuts for dragee» recipe straight away!