Introduction course about éclairs and choux pastry
In this course, you will gain an understanding of what éclair production involves. You'll learn about the necessary equipment and ingredients, develop your own product assortment, and explore packaging nuances.
Lesson 1
  • Ingredients used in éclair production
  • Essential equipment for éclair and choux pastry
  • Piping machine
  • Convection and deck oven difference
  • Food cost calculation
Lesson 2
  • Types of éclairs and choux pastry products
  • Product assortment
  • Decoration types and techniques
  • Different éclair and choux pastry shapes/sizes
Lesson 3
  • Packaging for éclairs and choux pastry products
  • Shelf life: main rules to extend it
  • Storage of ready made product
Lesson 4
  • Apricot-lavender éclair
  • Light white chocolate-lavender whipped ganache
  • Apricot filling
  • Finishing and final presentation
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