Introduction course about jams and spreads
In this course, you will gain an understanding of what jams and spreads production involve. You'll learn about the necessary equipment and ingredients, develop your own product assortment, and explore packaging nuances.
Lesson 1
  • Ingredients used in jam and spread production
  • Essential equipment for jam making
  • What is refractometer and pH meter
  • Pectins and recipe calculation importance
  • Food cost calculation
Lesson 2
  • Types of jams and spreads
  • Product assortment
  • Essential equipment for spread making
  • Water based and fat based spreads
Lesson 3
  • Packaging for jar products
  • Shelf life. Main rules to extend it
  • Storage of ready made product
Lesson 4
  • Caramel spread recipe
  • Dry & wet caramel techniques
  • Emulsion and crystallization of the spread
  • Finishing and final presentation
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