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Step by step video-guide
for panning production launching

Hello, I'm Vladislav Panchenko, a chocolatier and the author of the new "Confiland" course. I have over 9 years of experience working in pastry, with the last 5 being solely focused on chocolate. After finishing pastry school in France, I moved to Moscow to work at the Chocolate Academy for the Barry Callebaut Company. In 2018, I left the Academy to become an international consultant and pastry instructor. I've since had the pleasure of teaching masterclasses in more than 15 countries globally (including Dubai, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait and other countries). This year has brought many changes for us all. And i've spent this time bringing online new topic to teach - Jams and spreads. I've taught a lot of people during live classes , and I hope to teach many more with one of my biggest online course yet. Good luck and welcome to Drageeland.
How to calculate correctly
the cost of food and the price of dragees
Where to sell dragees &
how to increase your
income with new product
Complete list of equipment & working environment for production of dragees
5 main problems and mistakes in the production of dragee
How to produce 400kg of chocolate dragee per month at small pastry production or home kitchen
What you'll DISCOVER DURING this class
about me
PDF file "Food cost calculation"
with detailed instructions
Full list of equipment for
dragees production opening
Answers for
all questions
Secret bonus only
for participants
WHAT BONUSES ARE you going to get
Shop owners and entrepreneurs - mall products are suitable for any business Increase your income or open new production
Pastry chefs - improve your career prospects nd skills. Grow as a professional. No matter where are you working – pastry or chocolate production, bakery, restaurant, hotel ect
Home production and startups - the course Is suitable for any size of the kitchen. You can actually put everything out on just one table, all equipment is quite small
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What's this class about?
Join the master class and learn how to produce & sell 400kg of shiny chocolate dragees per month!
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