Exclusive online art course about aerography
In 47 lessons, you’ll learn modelling, pictures, mural painting, pastry and other airbrushing trends, as well as various work techniques with stencils, textures and special effects
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4 weeks of study
47 lessons
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July 15
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Program of the course
  • Module “The Outer Space”: classic, The northern lights
  • “Spattering” technique
  • Module “Flowers”: different techniques for various types
  • Layer-by-layer airbrushing
  • Module “Characters”: complex paintings
  • Practicing complex techniques on confectionary products
38 - 47 lesson
Week 4
  • Module “Cubes”: volumetric images
  • Module “Lines”: working with fine line tapes, stencil film
  • Module “Inscriptions”: various options, styles, types
  • Neon”, “Shadow” techniques, three-dimensional letters
  • Module “Flames”: freehand technique and paper stencil
  • Applying all the techniques on silicone molds, pastillage
26 - 37 lesson
Week 3
  • Module “Lace”: various materials as stencils
  • Module “Stencils”: different types
  • Film used for stencils: specific features, variations
  • Negative and positive in stencils
  • Combination of textures and stencils
  • Mastering techniques on molds, cakes, chocolate cube
15 - 25 lesson
Week 2
  • Theoretical background: airbrushes, paints
  • Airbrushing basics: training of motor skills, first lines
  • Module “Gradients”: black and white, color
  • Module “Textures”: cloud, drops, rusty metal, granite
  • Module “Stencil templates”: Diamonds, Eye, Flower
  • Mastering each technique on a confectionary surfaces
1 - 14 lesson
Week 1
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Artistic academic education gives a huge advantage in aerography. But it is not obligatory for our courses, since we are going to provide you with all work techniques with airbrush, which you will complete from easy to complex level.
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