7 steps for eclair shop-production launching
Discover full guide for your eclair shop and production opening. See what you’ll need for perfect eclairs – including ingredients, equipment, packaging and more other things.
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About me
Hi! I am Aleksandr Donskov, the author of Flashland. I have been making eclairs for more than 6 years. I started my pastry career in 2014. read a lot of pastry books, took master-classes and then practiced.
In December 2015 my wife, a few friends and I launched the very first eclair shop in our city. We started in very small kitchen with an oven for 20 eclairs. Later in April 2016 we moved to a 40-m2 shop. And later in 2017, we already worked in a 85-m2. In the same year I started teaching my own master-classes.
At the end of 2018 we finished a brand-new 330-m2 shop and produced 1000 eclairs daily. Now we have more than 40 employees. And we’ve already made more than 1,5 million eclairs!
I hope and believe that you can also rise to your heights. Good luck and welcome to Flashland!
What you’ll discover during this class
How to start your production. What equipment you’ll need?
How to produce 100 and 1000 perfect eclairs per day, and earn 500 or 5000 euro per day by selling only eclairs.
Eclair assortment. What flavors to choose? What type of decorations and designs to use?
Home cooking, production, start-up – you will know what you’ll need to make eclairs at any type of the kitchen!
Packaging for eclairs. What you’ll need for your own exclusive packaging.
This class is perfect for you if
This class is perfect
for you if
Want to start eclairs making, but don’t know what to start with.
You already make eclairs, but you are not satisfied with the result and shape. Eclairs aren’t smooth and perfect.
Want to sell eclairs, but afraid to start.
You make nice eclairs, but don’t know where to find customers and big orders for your product.
Want to know — how to produce 1000 eclairs per day.
Want to reach perfect & smooth eclairs. And make amazing decorations and designs.
Don’t know what equipment and oven to choose.
Never done eclairs in your life before, and you want to discover "Choux pastry" recipe.
Want to know where and how to make packaging for eclairs.
What bonuses are you going to get
PDF file “Food cost and calculation – for eclair”
PDF file “Food cost and calculation – for eclair”
Free video-lesson & recipe from online course “Flashland”

List of equipment for eclair production.


List of equipment for eclair production.


Special bonuses (For the class participants only!)

Sign up for the class and discover how to make 1000 eclairs per day! Right after registration you’ll get PDF recipe of Almond paste for decorating your eclairs.