Professional online course about bakery
In over 40 lessons you'll learn all types of puff pastry, croissant dough, brioche, donuts and other viennoiseries.
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100+ recipes for your
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4 weeks of study

4-6 hours per week
Watch at anytime

9-10 new

lessons weekly
100+ recipes for your
Personal assistance

from professional chef
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All types of laminated doughs
We've assembled all existing types of laminated doughs. For laminated yeast dough, we'll delve into the layers to understand their effect on texture. For puff pastry dough, we'll explore both traditional and inverted puff pastries.
Viennoiserie and more
The variety of rich yeast doughs, including the basic brioche, from which you'll learn to make any type of rich dough. We'll be crafting donuts, multiple variations of brioche, tarte Tropézienne, canelé, tarte au sucre, kuglof, laminated donuts, chocolate brioche, and more.
Doublebake or second chance
Learn how to repurpose two-day-old croissants and other baked goods. Optimize unsold leftover croissants by transforming them into brand-new creations, refreshing your display case in just 20 minutes each day. The “Doublebake” range will prove invaluable.
Freezing baked goods
We'll demonstrate how to adjust your production and explain the correct methods for freezing ready-to-bake creations, creams, and fillings. You'll understand the intricacies of freezing and be equipped to use them in your work for efficiency and optimization.
The range of baked goods
Croissants, bicolored croissants, pain au chocolat, ”Doublebake” croissants, raisin swirls, cruffins, Danish, classic brioche, canelé, donuts, laminated donuts, Berliner, tart au sucre, chocolate brioche, chausson au pomme.
Business focused
Each range is self-sufficient and can operate as an independent business project. You could open a bakery selling only croissants or offer a range exclusively of donuts. Alternatively, you can expand or refresh your existing bakery's offerings.
Equipment and ingredients
We've included a chapter in the recipe book that provides a detailed description of all the ingredients, their specifications, proportions, and reliable brands. Additionally, you'll learn how to substitute them correctly.
Creams and filings
We’ve developed well-balanced and high-profit margin recipes for selling and production. The recipes consist of simple and easily accessible ingredients. We’ve included all the fillings needed for work: frangipane, custards, jelly, fruit fillings, ganache, creams for baking and glazes.
Various shaping techniques
You'll learn various shaping techniques, from classic to unconventional. This includes crafting creations using different molds, bicolored laminated dough, and techniques without molds, allowing you to achieve diverse visual effects for your products.
Production conditions for all types of ovens
We'll demonstrate how to produce baked goods using professional equipment, suitable for both large-scale and small-scale production or home baking. This includes techniques for convection and deck ovens, manual and machine roll-out, spiral kneading machines and planetary mixers, as well as production proofers, retarder proofers, and hand-made proofing methods.
Recipe book
Discover the structure and content of our educational materials — download your complimentary book sample and explore the course’s table of contents.

of the course
The duration of the course is 4 weeks, and you will need to dedicate at least 4 hours per week to studying.
4 lessons
2 hours
Introduction course about viennoiserie and croissants
The first module is free. In this module, you will gain an understanding of what viennoiserie production involves. You'll learn about the necessary equipment and ingredients, develop your own product assortment, and explore packaging nuances.
Lesson 1
  • Ingredients used in bakery
  • Quality standards for different ingredients
  • Essential equipment for viennoiserie
  • Laminating machine and proofer
  • Convection & deck oven difference
  • Food cost calculation
Lesson 2
  • Types of croissants and viennoisery products
  • Product assortment
  • Decoration types and techniques
  • Different viennoiserie shapes/sizes
  • Seasonal positions
Lesson 3
  • Packaging for viennoiserie products
  • Main rules to extend the shelf life
  • Storage of ready made product
Lesson 4
  • Pear strudel
  • Filling with pears and dry fruits
  • Preparation of special strudel dough
  • Finishing and final presentation
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Main program schedule
  • Week 1
  • 1-10 lessons
  • Week 2
  • 11-20 lessons
  • Week 3
  • 21-30 lessons
  • Week 4
  • 31-40 lessons
How the training
takes place
How much you can earn
with one croissant
By selling only 28 almond croissants a day, you’ll cover the course price just in 29 days!
Course author
I'm Smbat Tonoyan, the creator of the Bakeland course.
My baking journey began 7 years ago at "The Brioche" bakery. I then relocated to Poland to work with "Le Delicia" pastry-bakery, followed by a stint at Paul, where I learned about systematic production and organization. My journey took me to "Hilton" hotel before becoming the Head Baker at "ODI" pastry-bakery-restaurant. By the end of 2018, my colleagues and I inaugurated "Drazhyn" bakery, launching 5 branches and initiating B2B sales.
Concurrently, I began offering master classes and consultations in CIS countries and the US. Recently, I've taken on the role of Head Baker at "Pechorin" bakery".
I'm eager to share the knowledge and insights I've amassed over the years.
Best wishes, and welcome to Bakeland!

Smbat Tonoyan
Executive chef - "Pechorin" bakery
Who is this for
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Shop owners
& entrepreneurs
Impress your customers with new product offerings and learn efficient ways to produce profitable goods.
Pastry chefs
Improve your career prospects with unique and sought-after skills. No matter where you are working — be it in pastry or chocolate production, a bakery, or a restaurant.
Home production

& startups
Supercharge your growth with innovative new products you can make at home or in a small production environment.
What results
you can expect
Organize your own bakery
Learn how to calculate food cost and price
Technology how to produce 100 or 1000 croissants a day
All types of viennoiserie fillings: creams, ganaches, coulis, jellies, frangipane etc.
Launch more than 60 viennoiserie products for your shop
Learn how to freeze unbaked viennoiseries and optimize your production
Work at any kitchen settings: professional large production, start-up or home bakery
Get technology for viennoiserie types: croissants, brioche, puff pastry, donuts, kouglof, puff pastry donut etc.
Work with all types of bakery equipment: dough mixer/planetary mixer, laminating machine/rolling pin, proofer/retarder, convection/deck oven
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Bonus. Cookies & biscuits recipe book
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