Thank you for choosing to shop at LANDBOX.ONLINE FZCO.
This is an installment payment agreement between you and us. When we use ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ in this document, we mean LANDBOX.ONLINE FZCO. When we use ‘you’ in this document, we mean anyone who has bought something using payment in 3 installments.

1. Who can use the service?
You must be over 18 years old and have a valid payment card to use payment in installments. When we say ‘valid payment card’, we mean the card must be in your name, and must not have expired. You should also make sure the card you use has enough money available to cover all the installments.

2. How do I pay in 3 installments?
You can pay for something you buy by dividing the cost into three equal installments. At checkout, you’ll see an option to pay in 3 interest-free installments. When you choose this option, just enter your card details to complete your purchase.
There won’t be any interest, fees or charges for using a debit or credit card. Although your bank might charge you interest or other fees on top if you pay using an interest-bearing credit card, for example.

3. Are there any alternative options for paying off my balance?
Yes, you are able to make payment early by contacting our sales team. If a payment is made earlier, and the balance cleared we will not continue charging your card.

4. Which cards do you accept?
We accept most cards except for prepaid cards. We may also not accept a card that’s due to expire in the near future. We’ll let you know at checkout if your card hasn’t been accepted.

5. What if something goes wrong?
You as a consumer do not have to pay for the ordered goods until you have received them, we will assist you with problems related to your purchase.

6. When will my card be charged?
At the point of purchase the payment system will freeze the first of your three installments on your card. This means you won’t be able to spend this money on anything else. Once your order has been processed, the first of your three payments will be taken from your card automatically using the frozen amount. You’ll be able to see this on your card statement. You will get access to the first module of the online course for 30 days.
The second payment will be taken 30 days after the first payment. You will get access to the second module of the online course for the next 30 days.
The third payment will be taken 60 days after the first payment. You will get access to the entire course for 10 months.
We’ll charge your card automatically when your payment is due, so you don’t have to pay us back manually or worry about missing a payment.
The dates these payments are due will be sent to you by email, and you’ll be able to check them in your account.

7. What happens if my card is canceled, or my card details change?
If your card is canceled, you’ll still have to pay us any money you owe as soon as we ask you to.
If your card details change between your purchase and your final payment, you must tell us your new details. You can do this online. If you don’t give us this information, we might ask the bank for your details.

8. What happens if I cancel my order?
In case of order cancellation, there is no refund possible, if the access to the entire course was granted.

9. What happens if you can’t take an installment because I don’t have enough money on my card?
If we can’t take the first, second or third installment from your card, we’ll let you know, and try up to two times again to take the money.
In case of overdue payment or incomplete payment within 5 days, the access to your account will be suspended.
Within 10 days your account will be deleted permanently without the refund of the money paid previously.
We might ask you to pay the outstanding amount directly or use a debt collection agency to collect the money for us. A debt collection agency is an FCA regulated company used to recover funds that are overdue.
Not paying your installments on time might also mean you can’t use our service in the future. We will report information to credit reference agencies about the payments you make, and about any payments that you fail to make on time. Borrowing more than you can afford or paying late may negatively impact your financial status and ability to obtain services from us and other lenders in the future.

10. How do I make a complaint?
You can make a complaint through our customer service webpage using our live chat feature, or by contacting us via e-mail We try to handle all complaints as quickly and smoothly as possible.

11. Transfer of rights
This is an agreement between you and us. You can’t transfer your rights or obligations to anyone else unless you get our permission first.
We can transfer these terms, or any rights and obligations you have under them, at any time. We don’t need to ask for your consent to do this, unless transferring would harm your rights and responsibilities. This means we have the right to transfer the installments payment agreement to another provider without asking you.

P.O. Box 334 069
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
License Number: 15587
Registration Number: DSO-FZCO-14294

This document was last updated on August 31, 2023