Become a top performer in your business! Our comprehensive courses provide guided instruction on the production cycle, cost-effectiveness, equipment, and many other essential aspects.
The world's first professional course on eclairs and choux pastry. In 30 lessons, learn how to make all types of choux pastry for any scale of production.
With over 25 lessons, you'll learn how to create all varieties of chocolate and sugar dragées from start to finish. We'll cover the shape, design, color, filling, and taste of both the interior and exterior.
Professional online course on bakery, viennoiserie, and puff pastry. In more than 40 lessons, you'll delve into various types of puff pastry, croissant dough, brioche, donuts, and other viennoiseries. The course also includes sessions on various fillings and glazes.
In more than 35 lessons, you'll explore all the varieties of jams and spreads, both water-based and fat-based. Additionally, you'll learn how to formulate your own jam recipes from scratch. The course will also cover candied fruits, candied citrus peels, and fruit jellies.
In 47 lessons, you'll learn techniques such as modeling, mural painting, pastry-focused airbrushing, and other contemporary airbrushing trends. The course also covers working with stencils, creating textures, and achieving special effects.
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