Terms and Conditions
1. Welcome to LANDBOX.ONLINE
1.1 Introduction:
Welcome to LANDBOX.ONLINE FZCO, commonly referred to as “LANDBOX.ONLINE,” “we,” “our,” or “us.” We extend our range of services to you via our official website at landbox.online (the “Website”) and through its associated mobile applications and related platforms (collectively, these offerings are referred to as the “Services”). These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) stand as a legally binding agreement between you and LANDBOX.ONLINE concerning your access to and utilization of our Services. By interacting with or using our Services in any capacity, you signify that you have comprehensively read, understood, and agreed to be compliant with these Terms. If, for any reason, you find yourself in disagreement with any segment of these Terms, we advise that you discontinue the use of our Services promptly.

1.2 General framework
The entirety of these Terms and Conditions embodies the consolidated agreement between you, the user, and LANDBOX.ONLINE, overseeing your usage of the Services. This agreement supersedes any prior understandings or arrangements between you and LANDBOX.ONLINE concerning the Services. You might also find yourself bound by additional terms when you employ affiliate services, third-party content, or software. The interpretation, establishment, and execution of these Terms are strictly under the jurisdiction of the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Any disputes arising from these Terms will be subject to resolution exclusively in the courts of Dubai, UAE. The failure of LANDBOX.ONLINE to enact or enforce any part of these Terms doesn't act as a waiver of such rights.

2. Access, rights, and restrictions pertaining to the services
2.1 Licensing for use
LANDBOX.ONLINE grants you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to access the content and services offered. This license is explicitly for your personal and non-commercial engagement. The rights provided to you are concise and clear: you are licensed to stream and view, not to reproduce or distribute. Unauthorized or commercial usage is strictly forbidden and may result in legal repercussions. Queries and requests for additional permissions should be directed to: info@landbox.online. Always remember, every piece of content on our Website is meticulously protected by copyright and trademark legislations.

2.2 Evolution and adaptability of services
In our continuous strive for excellence, LANDBOX.ONLINE retains the right to adapt, modify, or completely cease the provision of any of our Services. Your continued use signifies your agreement to be bound by any such alterations or cessation.

2.3 Data retention and management protocols
LANDBOX.ONLINE may define guidelines related to data storage, retention, and management. While we strive for perfection, we're not liable for any inadvertent data loss or non-preservation. We do reserve the privilege to deactivate or delete accounts that remain dormant or inactive for extended periods.

2.4 Criteria and obligations for registration
To access particular features or offerings, you might be required to undergo a registration process. This requires you to submit accurate, current, and complete information. If you're below the age of 18, your engagement with our Services should be under the explicit supervision of a guardian or parent.

2.5 Secure handling of account details
The onus of safeguarding your account lies with you. It's crucial to ensure that your credentials remain confidential. Should you detect any suspicious or unauthorized activity, it's imperative to notify LANDBOX.ONLINE immediately.

2.6 Mobile integration and services
LANDBOX.ONLINE’s array of Services may span mobile devices and platforms. Depending on your carrier or location, standard data and messaging rates might apply. If you provide us with your mobile number, you consent to receive necessary communications from us. Do remember to update your LANDBOX.ONLINE account should there be any changes to your contact details.

3. Terms of service
3.1 User conduct:
You are entirely accountable for all content you upload, post, or display through the Service. LANDBOX.ONLINE has the right to investigate and take legal steps against anyone violating this provision. This can range from removing the questionable content to reporting the individual to law enforcement. When using the Service, you commit to not:
  • Upload any content that infringes upon intellectual property rights, violates contractual obligations, or introduces harmful software.
  • Act in ways that risk another person's privacy or security.
  • Send unsolicited promotions, spam, or engage in any form of solicitation.
  • Exhibit behavior that's harmful, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable according to LANDBOX.ONLINE.
  • Disrupt the Service's networks or servers.
  • Break any local, state, national, or international laws.
  • Falsely present yourself or affiliate with others.
  • Collect other users' contact details for unsolicited communications.
  • Promote illegal activities or enterprises.
  • Try to access restricted materials or information on the Service.

3.2 Fees:
If there's a fee associated with any part of the Service, you'll need to choose a payment plan and give LANDBOX.ONLINE details about your payment method. Ensure the details are accurate and notify LANDBOX.ONLINE of any changes. LANDBOX.ONLINE can adjust prices, but any change will require your consent by continued use of the Service. You're also responsible for any taxes related to the Services.

3.3 Recurring subscriptions:
Should you opt for a recurring subscription, LANDBOX.ONLINE can automatically charge your payment account upon renewal. If there's an issue with the charge, LANDBOX.ONLINE might pause your access until payment is settled. Subscription prices might change, but you'll always be notified in advance. If you don't agree with the price change, cancel your subscription before it takes effect. Refunds aren't available for partial subscription periods.

3.4 Secure today's price
To lock in the current price, a prepayment of 150 € is required. After making the prepayment, the discount is locked in for a period of up to 48 hours inclusive. The prepayment will be credited towards the final payment of the product. If the order is paid after 48 hours from the date of prepayment, the cost will be recalculated at the current price at the time of the order. However, the prepayment remains in your account and can be used at any time.

3.5 Payment in installments
We offer a flexible payment option through our Installment Payment Agreement. This allows customers to pay for their purchases in three interest-free installments, using a valid payment card. Eligibility criteria, payment schedules, card requirements, and other pertinent terms of this agreement are detailed to ensure a clear and smooth transaction process for our customers.

3.6 Subscription renewal
Upon completion of the initial 1-year access term following the purchase of full course, you may opt to prolong access to your course content through our subscription renewal options. These options are designed to provide flexibility and continuous learning opportunities to our users.
Annual subscription renewal: this option extends access for an additional year (365 days). The subscription fee is €200, and the renewal occurs automatically every 365 days from the original date of subscription unless you toggle off the auto-renewal setting.
Monthly subscription renewal: as an alternative to the annual renewal, you may opt for a monthly renewal term. This option extends access for an additional 30 days at a time, with a subscription fee of €20 per month. Similar to the annual option, the renewal occurs automatically every 30 days from the date of subscription unless adjusted in your account settings.

3.7 Refund policy:
Our refund policy serves our customers' needs and provides more flexibility with your digital product purchases. We're offering a 7-day refund policy for all eligible products. To learn more about the terms and conditions of our new refund policy, including eligibility, exclusions, the refund process, and timing, please refer to our 7-day refund policy.

3.8 Commercial use:
Unless LANDBOX.ONLINE gives explicit permission, you cannot use the Service for commercial gains. The Service should be for personal, non-commercial enjoyment only.

4. Intellectual property rights
4.1 Service content, software, and trademarks:
The Service may have content or features protected by intellectual property rights. Without LANDBOX.ONLINE's explicit permission, refrain from altering, distributing, or profiting from the Service or its content. You also agree not to extract data or use automated tools on the Service without authorization. If LANDBOX.ONLINE restricts access to the Service, bypassing this restriction is prohibited.
LANDBOX.ONLINE's name and logos are trademarks. Other names and logos appearing on the Service could be trademarks of their respective owners. Always seek permission before using LANDBOX.ONLINE's trademarks. The goodwill from these trademarks benefits LANDBOX.ONLINE exclusively.

4.2 Third party contributions:
LANDBOX.ONLINE will not be held responsible for any content or materials from third parties (including users), such as for errors, omissions, or any loss or damage resulting from its use. While LANDBOX.ONLINE doesn't vet all content in advance, it holds the discretion to reject or remove any content available via the Service. LANDBOX.ONLINE may also remove content that breaches the Terms and Conditions or is seen as undesirable. It's your responsibility to assess and understand the risks of using any content available.

4.3 Shared user content:
Regarding content you share or upload via the Service, you confirm you hold all necessary rights to it. This includes copyrights and publicity rights, ensuring you're not violating third-party rights. By sharing content, you grant LANDBOX.ONLINE and its partners a nonexclusive, global, royalty-free, and perpetual license to use your content. This includes adapting and distributing it in any form or medium, both current and future. You understand that feedback or ideas you give to LANDBOX.ONLINE about the Service are not confidential. LANDBOX.ONLINE can use this information without owing you anything or giving credit. LANDBOX.ONLINE may also preserve and disclose content for legal reasons or to ensure the protection and safety of its users and the public.

4.4 External web links:
The Service might offer links to other internet resources. LANDBOX.ONLINE doesn't control these sites and isn't responsible for their content. LANDBOX.ONLINE won't be held accountable for any harm resulting from your use of these third-party sites. Interactions with these third-party sites are strictly between you and the third party.

5. Disclaimer:
Using the Service is entirely at your risk. The Service is given "AS IS" without any guarantees, either explicit or implied. LANDBOX.ONLINE does not promise that the Service will be error-free, reliable, or uninterrupted.

6. Liability limitation:
LANDBOX.ONLINE will not be accountable for indirect damages or losses arising from your use of the Service. This includes any lost profits, data, or goodwill.

7. Account termination:
LANDBOX.ONLINE can suspend or terminate your account or access to the Service for any reason, including violations of the Terms and Conditions. In such cases, LANDBOX.ONLINE might also report any suspicious or illegal activities to the authorities. Terminations can be done without prior notice, and LANDBOX.ONLINE will not be liable for any resulting consequences.

8. User disagreements:
You're responsible for your interactions with other users. While LANDBOX.ONLINE can get involved in user disputes, it's not obligated to do so.

9. Terms updates:
LANDBOX.ONLINE has the right to update these Terms and Conditions. Any changes will be posted here, and the "last updated" date will be revised. Your continued use of the Service after changes signifies your acceptance of the new terms.

10. Privacy concerns:
LANDBOX.ONLINE values user privacy. Please consult our Privacy Policy for details. Using our Service indicates your agreement with our data handling practices.

11. Applicable laws:
All claims concerning LANDBOX.ONLINE's Website will be governed by AE's laws, excluding its conflict of law provisions.

Licence Number: 15587
Registration Number: DSO-FZCO-14294
TRN: 104138169800003
P.O. Box 334 069
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This document was last updated on February 1, 2024