The world’s biggest online course about jams, spreads and candied products with long shelf life. In this class we'll cover all types of “jar” products.
The class taught by Vladislav Panchenko
course starts:
October 15th
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October 22nd 2021
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September 15th
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September 22nd 2021
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Confiland is online course about jams, spreads and candied products.
In over 35 lessons you’ll learn all the varieties jams, how to calculate your own jam recipes from scratch. The class will also cover spreads — water based and fat based. You will understand the interconnection between different recipes and their shelf life. Apply the information and techniques that you’ll discover in your production, shop or business immediately.

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Unlimited Chef Support & FAQs
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PDF’s with recipes for every lesson
All of them are easy to download. We’ve done our best to make them as cool as possible. =)
Optional Certificate of Completion
Are you dreaming of getting a certificate of completion? No problem. Just complete the home assignments and then bob’s your uncle! Keep in mind, we aren’t pushing you to do that — totally up to you.
Great Value for Money
We guarantee that the information and techniques learned during the courses are 100% life-related and can be directly applied to either production, shop or business. Spend your money now, and earnmore later. Invest in the futurelike a real investor.
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01 Faster than others
Don’t waste your time on searching for any information, equipment or ingredients. Everything has already been found. Just watch thecourse and apply what you’ve learned immediately. Be faster.
02 Every type of everything
In this class we cover all types of “jar” products. The course deals with all kinds of jams (also known as confitures), water based & fat based spreads, condensed milk, dulce de leche, low sugar & sugar free jams, candied citrus peels, fruit jellies.
03 Production and home kitchen
This course is suitable for all kitchen settings, just have everything you need at hand. Don’t be surprised if you can put everything out on just one table. It doesn’t mean that your home kettle and microwave will be enough. We mean that the equipment is
04 Save your time and money
Each step has been tested, the mistakes made and the ingredients checked. To complete the program of the course Vlad spent 10.000 € and 2 years. Would you like to be in his shoes? I am not sure. 2 months sounds much better!
05 Step by step
Vlad’s 8 years of experience in pastry helped apply the principleproceeding from the simple to the complex. Each step is extremely detailed. You will even learn how to dice fruits! Still not sure that everything is explained stepby step? Come on!
06 The one and only on-line course in the world
Sounds astonishing, right? You might try to find something, but everything that we’ve packed LANDBOX with can’t be found anywhere.
07 Use or create
First thing first, you will learn how to create your own recipes — in this case your creations are unlimited, but if you are a busy person and you have no time to create? No problem, feel free to use what we’re creating in the course as a ready-made solut
08 Great Shelf Life
Each recipe has a minimum shelf life from 2 months, with many lasting up to 12 months.
09 Business Focused
Created specifically with business owners in mind, expand your product offering and refine your production for profit.
10 Stress Free Set Up
The course comes with ingredient and equipment recommendations for easy work. Don’t have something on the list? We’ll show you easy swaps.

Who is this for + Where to use

Shop owners
& Entrepreneurs
Impress your customers with new product offerings and learn efficient ways to produce profitable items.
Pastry chefs
Improve your career prospects with unique and sort after skills. No matter where you are working – pastry or chocolate production, bakery or restaurant.
Home production
& Startups
Supercharge your growth with innovative new products you can make at home or in a small production environment.

Program of the course

Week 1
Equipment, fruits, jars
Jam recipe calculation
Red fruit jams
Garden fruit
See more
Week 2
Jams with nuts and spices
Candied fruit
Citrus fruit jams
Exotic fruit jams
Fruit puree based jams
See more
Week 3
Vegetable jams
Low sugar and sugar free jams
Fruit jellies
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Week 4
Water-based spreads
Fat-based spreads
Fat based without stone grinder
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Additional lessons
As you know, at Landbox we update our courses annually. To work throughout the year is not that easy. Thanks God, we’ve just launched this course and have some time to relax. Don’t worry, you’ll find the latest videos here as soon as you finish the main program.
Can you guess what next additional lessons are going to be?

Send us email to and say what you would like to see in the next yearly updates.
Week 1
  • Information about course
  • PDF file with Confiland labels for jars

Equipment, fruits, jars
Lesson 1
  • Ingredients for jams
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Herbs, dry fruits, nuts and spices
  • Main sugars used in jams
Lesson 2
  • Preparation of all fruits and vegetables for jam
  • How to peel, dice and store the fruits
  • How to prepare all kinds of citrus fruits
  • How to prepare and store big amount of fruits during their season
Lesson 3
  • Equipment for jams
  • Copper pans and their advantages
  • Stainless steel pans for jam
  • Complete set for gas stove
  • Refractometers and their difference
  • Refractometers and their difference
  • What is the Brix
  • What is PH and PH Meter
  • How to prepare copper pan for cooking
  • Jam jars. Choosing right jars
  • Preparation & sterilisation
Jam recipe calculation
Lesson 4
  • Calculating raspberry jam recipe from scratch
  • Calculating raspberry jam recipe from scratch
  • How to calculate recipe with one & several fruits
  • Role of the pectin in jam
  • How to prepare the pectin for jam
  • What is acid solution
  • How to prepare acid solution
  • Shelf life
Red fruit jams
Lesson 5
  • First jam in the course “Raspberry-tarragon”
  • Cooking process step by step
  • First way of jam sterilization
Lesson 6
  • Strawberry-passion fruit jam
Lesson 7
  • Blueberry-lavender jam
  • Texture review
  • How to fix different mistakes
Garden fruit
Lesson 8
  • Apricot-sea buckthorn jam
Lesson 9
  • Figs-honey-ginger jam
Lesson 10
  • Peach jam
Week 2
Jams with nuts and spices
Lesson 11
  • Apricot-pistachio jam
Lesson 12
  • Apple-cinnamon-caramel jam
Lesson 13
  • Christmas jam with dry fruits, nuts and spices
Candied fruit
Lesson 14
  • Theory and steps for candied fruits
  • What kind of fruit to choose
  • Orange and any citrus fruit peels preparation
  • Pineapple preparation
  • Cherry preparation
  • Cooking process. Step by step
  • Results review
  • Candied fruits storage and shelf life
Citrus fruit jams
Lesson 15
  • 4 Citrus jam
Lesson 16
  • Pear-yuzu jam
Lesson 17
  • Grapefruit and candied peels jam
  • Texture review
Exotic fruit jams
Lesson 18
  • What is “Natural pectin”
  • How to prepare your own natural pectin for jam
  • Recipe calculation for natural pectin jams
  • Pineapple, thyme & lime jam
Lesson 19
  • Kiwi jam
Lesson 20
  • Tropical jam
  • Second way of jams sterilization
  • Texture review
Fruit puree based jams
Lesson 21
  • Cherry-raspberry & blackberry jam with natural pectin
Lesson 22
  • Vanilla jelly
Lesson 23
  • Exotic jam with coconut-mango & passion fruit
  • Texture review
Week 3
Vegetable jams
Lesson 24
  • Vegetables preparation tomato, bell pepper, beet
Lesson 25
  • Tomato-strawberry & basil jam
Lesson 26
  • Carrot-passion fruit jam
  • Texture review
Low sugar and sugar free jams
Lesson 27
  • Calculation for low sugar jam
  • What pectin are we using for low sugar jam
  • Shelf life and storage
  • Pear-orange jam
Lesson 28
  • Cranberry-cherry jam
  • Texture review
Fruit jellies
Lesson 29
  • Theory and cooking process for fruit jellies
  • Pectin for fruit jellies
  • 5 different vegetable jellies
  • Additional pdf recipes with 5 fruit jellies
  • Stabilization, finishing & storage
Week 4
Water-based spreads
Lesson 30
  • Theory about water based spreads
  • Proportion and right percentage for the recipes
  • PDF recipes with detailed % composition of each recipe
  • Vanilla caramel spread
Lesson 31
  • Chocolate caramel spread
Lesson 32
  • Banana spread
Lesson 33
  • Home made condensed milk
  • Home made Dulce de leche
Lesson 34
  • Coconut spread
  • Texture review
Fat-based spreads
Lesson 35
  • Theory about fat based spreads
  • Equipment for fat based spreads
  • How to choose and work with stone grinder
  • Proportion and right percentage for the recipes
  • PDF recipes with detailed % composition of each recipe
  • Hazelnut chocolate spread
Lesson 36
  • Coffee-macadamia spread
Lesson 37
  • Speculoos spread
Lesson 38
  • Coconut-raspberry spread
  • Texture review
Fat based without stone grinder
Lesson 39
  • Equipment for fat based spreads
  • Proportion and right percentage for the recipes
  • PDF recipes with detailed % composition of each recipe
  • Hazelnut-caramel marble spread
Lesson 40
  • Peanut butter spread
  • Texture review
Week 4
Additional lessons

Lesson 24
  • Silvered dragee
  • Combined dragee with milk chocolate covered almonds and thin sugar crust
  • Silver layer and polishing

Lesson 25
  • Liquid center dragee
  • Liquid passion fruit filling
  • New type of marble finishing

Lesson 26
  • Gianduja stones dragee
  • 3 different gianduja: almond, pistachio & hazelnut
  • New type of sugar crust for sugar dragee

Lesson 27
  • Fresh cranberry dragee
  • Learning how to make dragee with sugar crust and real fresh cranberry inside

Lesson 28
  • Coconut dragee
  • Like chocolate bar, but in dragee shape

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What equipment do I need to follow the course?
For sure you will need planetary mixer, oven, and piping bag with eclair nozzle. For the rest of equipment we have one big lesson only about equipment. We suggest to watch this lesson first, and then choose right equipment for your conditions.
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