The course will teach you how to select nuts for panning, create a gumming layer to prevent fat blooming, learn different methods of caramelizing nuts, and store or freeze nuts, whether raw, prepared, or caramelized.
Course on preparation of nuts for dragees
on preparation of nuts for dragees
Program of the course
  • Selecting Nuts for Dragees
  • Determining the Best Nuts for Dragee Work
  • Understanding the Differences Among Nut Types
  • Using Raw Nuts in Dragees
  • Preventing Fat Blooming
  • Preparing Gumming Solutions and Layers
  • Properly Drying Nuts Without Roasting
Lesson 1
  • Caramelization of Nuts in Production
  • What You Need to Know and Key Points to Monitor
  • Differences from the Classical Caramelization Method
  • Caramelizing 10-20kg of Nuts Simultaneously
  • Determining Suitable Nuts for This Technique and Storage Tips for Prepared Nuts
  • Characteristics of the Special Syrup for Caramelization and Its Preparation
  • Review of Outcomes from All Lessons
Lesson 3
  • First Method for Caramelizing Nuts
  • Advantages of This Method and the Complete Caramelization Process
  • Storing Caramelized Nuts
Lesson 2
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