Professional online course about dragées
In 27 lessons learn how to make all types of dragée & panned products.
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4 weeks of study

4-6 hours per week
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60+ recipes for your
LANDBOX certificate

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4 weeks of study

4-6 hours per week
Watch at anytime

6-7 new

lessons weekly
60+ recipes for your
Personal assistance

from professional chef
LANDBOX certificate

upon course completion
In the
Dragéeland box
Every dragée type
Unlike live classes, we not only cover chocolate dragée technology but also sugar, liquid center, and combined dragée.
& home kitchen
This course is suitable for all kitchen settings, whether using a small attachment for a standard mixer or professional machines.
Step by step
Learn not only the panning process but also how to create dragée fillings, such as praline, caramel, nougat, and more.
Sugar dragée
Learn how to create the illusive sugar dragée, never seen before in an online or offline course.
Great shelf life
Each recipe has a minimum shelf life of 2 months, with many lasting up to 12 months.
Business focused
Created specifically with business owners in mind, this course helps you expand your product offering and refine your production for additional profits.
Stress-free setup
The course includes ingredient and equipment recommendations to make your work easy. Don't have something on the list? We'll show you suitable substitutes.
Ready-made solution
We encourage students to create their own vision. If it's not for you, feel free to use what we're creating in the course as a ready-made solution. It's so easy, it feels like cheating—just take and use.
Become an expert
Gain the skills to create your own innovative recipes and confidently produce them for sale or just for fun.
Fast-tracked learning
Vlad has over 7 years mastering these skills. You can learn them in just 1 month.
Recipe book
Discover the structure and content of our educational materials — download your complimentary book sample and explore the course’s table of contents.

of the course
The duration of the course is 4 weeks, and you will need to dedicate at least 4 hours per week to studying.
4 lessons
2 hours
Introduction course about dragée and panning art
The first module is free. In this module, you will gain an understanding of what dragée and panning art involve. You'll learn about the necessary equipment and ingredients, develop your own product assortment, and explore packaging nuances.
Lesson 1
  • Ingredients used in panning production
  • Essential equipment for dragée
  • Panning machine/attachment
  • Polishing glaze
  • Ingredients for coating/finishing
  • Food cost calculation
Lesson 2
  • Types of dragée and panned products
  • Product assortment
  • Decoration types and techniques
  • Different dragée shapes/sizes
Lesson 3
  • Packaging for dragée/panned products
  • Shelf life. Main rules to extend it
  • Storage of ready made product
Lesson 4
  • Pink praline dragée
  • Sugar syrup for coating
  • Panning process
  • Finishing and final presentation
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Main program schedule
  • Week 1
  • 1-6 lessons
  • Week 2
  • 7-11 lessons
  • Week 3
  • 12-19 lessons
  • Week 4
  • 20-27 lessons
How the training
takes place
How much you can earn
with one jar of dragée
By selling only 10 jars of dragée per day, you’ll cover the course price in 35 days!
Course author
I'm Vladislav Panchenko, a chocolatier and the creator of the new Dragéeland course. With over 9 years in the pastry industry, the last 5 have been dedicated exclusively to chocolate.
After graduating from pastry school in France, I relocated to Moscow to join the "Chocolate Academy" at the Barry Callebaut Company. In 2018, I left the Academy to pursue a career as an international consultant and pastry instructor. Since then, I've had the honor of leading masterclasses in over 15 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait, among others.
The year 2020 brought profound changes for everyone. Motivated by these changes, I developed a unique online course centered around the art of dragée and panning. Having connected with many through live classes, I'm excited to reach even more with this comprehensive online offering.
Best of luck, and welcome to Dragéeland!

Vladislav Panchenko
Pastry chef, owner of LANDBOX
Real feedback from real participants
    Finland, Tornio
    Pastry chef
    I’ve learned so much panning techniques. Everything was really well explained.
    Thank you!
    Ecuador, Cuenca
    Pastry shop owner
    It's the best course I could have paid for! The way the course is structured makes it so easy to learn, step by step; there is no way you can't understand.
    Denmark, Broendby
    Pastry chef
    Your course goes around everything I need to know about dragées, and each week is more exciting than the week before. So again, thank you so much!
    Florence, Italy
    Pastry chef
    Dragéeland was a great experience.
    it is a well explained and very fun course because each lesson has something new!
    Pastry chef, self-entrepreneur
    It’s a great pleasure to participate in this experience.
    Thank you and good luck!
    I would recommend Dragéeland to all: beginners, intermediate and professionals. Can’t wait to do more courses on “”!
    Israel, Haifa
    Pastry chef
    Great recipes and explanation, thank you chef for your knowledge and help during the course!
    United States, Oradell
    Pastry chef
    Thank you Chef. I am really enjoying the course and you’re a wonderful instructor.
Who is this for
& where to use
Shop owners
& entrepreneurs
Impress your customers with new product offerings and learn efficient ways to produce profitable goods.
Pastry chefs
Improve your career prospects with unique and sought-after skills. No matter where you are working — be it in pastry or chocolate production, a bakery, or a restaurant.
Home production

& startups
Supercharge your growth with innovative new products you can make at home or in a small production environment.
What results
can you expect
Know everything about polishing process and shiny dragée
Learn how to calculate food cost and price
Use industrial polishing glaze or cook your own
Know how to produce 200-400 kg of chocolate dragée per month
Organize own panning production
Make sugar dragée and chocolate dragée with sugar crust
Launch more than 20 new chocolate products with different food cost and price
Increase sales in your shop
Sell products with 3-6 months shelf life for Horeca or 12 months shelf life for industrial markets
LANDBOX Certificate
This will serve as verification that you have completed the course and provide an additional advantage when applying for a job.
How much does

the course cost
If you are ready to pay the full cost of the course
€ 1200 / € 1580
28 lessons
1 year access
Chef’s support
Certificate by completion
Direct access to all lessons
Bonus. Additional dragée recipe book with 14 recipes
If you want to split the cost of the course into 3 payments
€ 400 / month
28 lessons
1 year access
Chef’s support
Certificate by completion
Gradual lesson access over one month
Standard course program materials
Please note!

Before registering, understand how the monthly payment plan works: The total cost is divided into 3 equal installments over 3 months. Once the first payment is made, you’ll receive an e-mail with course access. Subsequent payments are auto-charged to your card every 30 calendar days from the last transaction. The payment plan comprises 3 installments of € 400 each month. An e-mail notification with instructions will be sent a day before each transaction.
The easiest way is to pay in installments from LANDBOX
It works like any subscription — you link the card, and we deduct payments from it once a month
No need to contact banks and think about credit history
The installment plan is designed for 3 months, which means it is convenient to plan a budget
Absolutely! The course covers every step of the process, from the absolute basics to complex techniques. Additionally, you have access to online support during the program, ensuring assistance with any questions you may have.
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