The world's first online panning course teaching you all there is know about creating your own professional dragées.
The course taught by Vladislav Panchenko
course starts:
October 10th
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October 17th 2021
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September 23rd
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Drageeland is online course about panning art.
In over 25 lessons you’ll learn how to create all the varieties of chocolate and sugar dragees, from scratch. We’ll also cover shape and design, with special attention to colour, filling and taste of both the inside and outside. You will understand the interconnection between different dragees and their shelf life.
Apply the information and techniques that you’ll discover in your production, shop or business immediately.

All our courses include

Unlimited Chef Support & FAQs
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PDF’s with recipes for every lesson
All of them are easy to download. 
We’ve done our best to make them
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Optional Certificate of Completion
Are you dreaming of getting a certificate of completion? No problem. Just complete the home assignments and then bob’s your uncle! Keep in mind, we aren’t pushing you 
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Great Value for Money
We guarantee that the information and techniques learned during the courses are 100% life-related and can be directly applied to either production, shop or business. 
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In the Drageeland box:

01 Fast tracked learning
Vlad has over 7 years mastering these skills. You can learn them in just 2 months.
02 Every Dragee Type
Unlike live classes, we don’t only cover chocolate dragée technology, but also sugar, liquid centre and combined dragee.
03 Production and home kitchen
This course is suitable for all kitchen settings using either a small attachment for a standard mixer, or professional machines.
04 Sugar Dragee
Learn how to create the illusive sugar dragee, never before seen in a course both online or offline.
05 Step by step
Learn more than just the panning process, but also how to create dragée fillings including praline, caramel, nougat ect.
06 Become an Expert
Gain the kills to create your own innovative recipes and confidently produce them for sale (or just for fun).
07 Ready made solution
We are encouraging students to create their own vision, but if it’s not for you, feel free to use what we’re creating in the course as a ready-made solution. So easy, it feels like cheating – just take and use.
08 Great Shelf Life
Each recipe has a minimum shelf life from 2 months, with many lasting up to 12 months.
09 Business Focused
Created specifically with business owners in mind, expand your product offering and refine your production for profit.
10 Stress Free Set Up
The course comes with ingredient and equipment recommendations for easy work. Don’t have something on the list? We’ll show you easy swaps.

Who is this for + Where to use

Shop owners
& Entrepreneurs
Impress your customers with new product offerings and learn efficient ways to produce profitable items.
Pastry chefs
Improve your career prospects with unique and sort after skills. No matter where you are working – pastry or chocolate production, bakery or restaurant.
Home production
& Startups
Supercharge your growth with innovative new products you can make at home or in a small production environment.

Program of the course

Week 1
All about nuts
See more
Week 2
See more
Week 3
Small size dragée
Big size dragée
Dry fruits and other
See more
Week 4
Sugar dragée
Combined dragée
See more

Additional lessons
Can you guess what next additional lessons are going to be?

Send us email to and say what you would like to see in the next yearly updates.
Week 1


  • Information about course
  • Equipment and working environment

All about nuts

Lesson 1
  • Caramelization of nuts for dragée

Lesson 2
  • First dragée lesson - Almond cocoa
  • Chocolate application method
  • How to make smooth surface of chocolate dragée
  • Finishing with cocoa powder, tips to make it correctly.

Lesson 3
  • Hazelnut-caramel dragée
  • How to make double layered dragée
  • Polishing process(how to make dragée shiny)
  • Making homemade polishing glaze
  • Storage and packing

Lesson 4
  • Cocoa beans dragée

Lesson 5
  • Pecan-coffee dragée
  • Decorating method
  • Polishing process with Capol
  • Difference between Capol and Homemade glaze

Lesson 6
  • Cashew-speculoos dragée
  • Speculoos cookie
Week 2


Lesson 7
  • Starting new section about cubes
  • Mango-passion fruit jelly
  • How to cut cubes to have regular size

Lesson 8
  • Tropical dragée
  • “Dots” decorating method

Lesson 9
  • Vanilla nougat
  • Ruby-Raspberry dragée
  • Soft vanilla caramel
  • 100% vanilla dragée

Lesson 10
  • Homemade almond marzipan
  • Lemon-marzipan dragée
  • “Marble” decorating method

Lesson 11
  • Praline with sesame
  • Sesame dragée
Week 3

Small size dragée

Lesson 12
  • Puffed wheat dragée

Lesson 13
  • Coffee bean-cocoa dragée
  • How to make dragée that looks like “Blackberry”

Lesson 14
  • Mint-lime dragée

Big size dragée

Lesson 15
  • Working with polycarbonated moulds
  • Chocolate tempering

Lesson 16
  • Dates-almond dragée

Lesson 17
  • “Quail egg” dragée

Dry fruits and other

Lesson 18
  • Cranberry dragée
  • Preperation of dry cranberries before coating

Lesson 19
  • Popcorn dragée
  • Caramelization of popcorn (different way)
Week 4

Sugar dragée

Lesson 20
  • Pink praliné dragée
  • “Hot way” for sugar coating
  • First type of sugar syrup for coating

Lesson 21
  • White sugared almond dragée
  • Gumming layer. Why and how?
  • Second type of sugar syrup for coating
  • How to make smooth surface of sugar dragée
  • Polishing process for sugar dragée

Combined dragée

Lesson 22
  • Raisin-chocolate-sugar dragée
  • Gumming layer for combined dragée

Lesson 23
  • Third type of sugar syrup
  • “Cold way” to coat combined dragée
  • Colored syrup for coating
  • Polishing process
Week 4
Additional lessons

Lesson 24
  • Silvered dragee
  • Combined dragee with milk chocolate covered almonds and thin sugar crust
  • Silver layer and polishing

Lesson 25
  • Liquid center dragee
  • Liquid passion fruit filling
  • New type of marble finishing

Lesson 26
  • Gianduja stones dragee
  • 3 different gianduja: almond, pistachio & hazelnut
  • New type of sugar crust for sugar dragee

Lesson 27
  • Fresh cranberry dragee
  • Learning how to make dragee with sugar crust and real fresh cranberry inside

Lesson 28
  • Coconut dragee
  • Like chocolate bar, but in dragee shape

DrageeLand explained in 100 seconds.

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Hello, I'm Vladislav Panchenko, a chocolatier and the author of the new "Confiland" course. I have over 9 years of experience working in pastry, with the last 5 being solely focused on chocolate. After finishing pastry school in France, I moved to Moscow to work at the Chocolate Academy for the Barry Callebaut Company. In 2018, I left the Academy to become an international consultant and pastry instructor. I've since had the pleasure of teaching masterclasses in more than 15 countries globally (including Dubai, Spain, Thailand, Kuwait and other countries). This year has brought many changes for us all. And i've spent this time bringing online new topic to teach - Jams and spreads. I've taught a lot of people during live classes , and I hope to teach many more with one of my biggest online course yet. Good luck and welcome to Confiland.
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Starting date: October 10th
Course duration: 4 weeks
Spots left: 8
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FAQ questions
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How much does Flashland cost?
The course is 1155€ and includes your own account, 30 lessons and full support during the course.
Do you provide the list of ingredients that we need for the course?
Yes sure, you'll get this list in our 1st lesson. And you will have enough time to set up everything.
What equipment do I need to follow the course?
For sure you will need planetary mixer, oven, and piping bag with eclair nozzle. For the rest of equipment we have one big lesson only about equipment. We suggest to watch this lesson first, and then choose right equipment for your conditions.
Is this course in English?
Yes, online course Drageeland is totally in English. Including all materials.
How long does the support last?
The online support lasts for the duration of the course and 2 months after. But we always update our FAQs with new questions/answers from other students!
Do I have to complete homework during the course?
No! We trust you to decide what works best for you based on your experience and ambitions. However, we do hope you will use all knowledge in you life, production, pastry shop and ect.
I'm a total beginner, will this course suit me?
Absolutely! The course covers every step of the process, from the absolute basics through to complex techniques. You also have access to online support during the programme so we can help you with any questions you may have.
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