Professional online course about eclairs and choux pastry. In 30 lessons learn how to make all types of choux pastry at any production.
The course taught by Alexandr Donskov
course starts:
October 9th
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October 16th 2021
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Program of the course
Week 1

Choux pastry basics.

3 different recipes.

Baking in:

-home oven

-convection oven

-deck oven.

Options for small or home production.

Options for big pastry production.

-Recipe book

-FAQ book

-Problem & solution book.

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Week 2

Classic shape eclairs.

-Vanilla eclair

-Toffee eclair

-Raspberry eclair

-Lemon eclair

-Sakura eclair

-Banana eclair

-Cranberry eclair

-Tiramisu eclair

-Peanut eclair

Top decorated opened eclairs.

-Berry eclair

-Mango eclair

-Chocolate cookie eclair

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Week 3

-Lavender & apricot eclair

-"Camus" eclair

-Apple eclair

-Cream brûlée eclair

-Millefeuille eclair

-Macaron eclair

-"Fox" kid’s eclair

Choux pastry with "ring" shape

-"Paris-Brest" ring

-Raspberry ring

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Week 4

Chocolate decoration

-Tempering of chocolate

-Transfer sheets & other techniques

Choux & chouquettes

-Vanilla chouquettes

-Choux with nuts

-The Nun Choux

Moulded eclairs & eclairs with

"Unusual shape"

-Eclair "Drop"

-Eclair Tart

-Eclair Squares

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Week 1

Choux pastry basics. 3 different recipes.

Baking in home oven, convection & deck oven.

Options for small or home production.

Options for big pastry production.

Lesson 1

  • Eclair recipe №1 for convection oven & technology
  • Equipment for choux pastry production
  • Ingredients for choux pastry: Milk, butter, flour ect. Difference between them, what to choose to have stable product
  • How to make small batch in small home planetary mixer
  • How to bake eclairs in convection oven
  • Piping nozzles and their difference
  • Hand piping
  • How to bake smooth and straight eclairs
  • Main problems. How to solve them
  • Oven. Baking settings for right baking
  • Results check.

Lesson 2

  • Choux pastry recipe №2. Eclairs & choux with crumble.
  • Difference between recipes №1 and №2
  • Technology and cooking process.
  • Crumble. Cooking process, preparation for eclairs & choux
  • Piping nozzles for this type of eclairs & choux
  • Hand piping
  • Baking settings for deck oven & convection oven
  • Comparison of eclairs with & without crumble

Recipe book

FAQ book Problem & solution book

Lesson 3

  • Eclair recipe №3 for big production & deck oven baking.
  • Equipment for big eclair production.
  • Cooking process for 20kg recipe, 720 eclairs.
  • Features and difference between 2kg & 20kg recipe.
  • Piping machine for production.
  • How to set up and work with piping machine.
  • Deck oven. Baking settings and features.
  • Baking of 720 eclairs
  • Results checking

Lesson 4

  • Bonus lesson. How to make eclairs at home
  • Cooking process for choux pastry
  • Baking settings for home oven
  • Berry éclair recipe

Classic shape eclairs

Lesson 5

  • Vanilla eclair
  • Classic vanilla pastry cream
  • Glaze for eclairs & working temperature
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 6

  • Toffee éclair
  • Caramel cream
  • Caramel glaze for éclair
  • Italian meringue
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 7

  • Raspberry éclair
  • Raspberry cream
  • Pink glaze
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 8

  • Lemon éclair
  • Lemon cream
  • Lemon glaze
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Italian meringue
  • Decorating & glazing
Week 2

Lesson 9

  • Eclair Sakura
  • Mascarpone cream
  • Cherry filling
  • Almond paste
  • Decorating top part and elements
  • Decorating & glazingLesson 10
  • Banana eclair
  • Caramel pastry cream
  • Banana cream
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 10

  • Banana eclair
  • Caramel pastry cream
  • Banana cream
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 11

  • Cranberry-cowberry eclair
  • Cranberry-cowberry filling
  • Whipped cream with cranberries & cowberries
  • Red velour
  • Black velour
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 12

  • Tiramisu eclair
  • Coffee syrup
  • Mascarpone tiramisu cream
  • Assembling
  • Decorating & glazing

Lesson 13

  • Peanut eclair
  • Caramel cream with peanut
  • Soft caramel
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Velvet spray

Top decorated opened eclairs.

Lesson 14

  • Berry eclair
  • Vanilla cream
  • Berry filling
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 15

  • Mango eclair
  • Whipped vanilla ganache
  • Mango filling
  • Transparent jelly recipe
  • Velvet spray
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 16

  • Chocolate cookie eclair
  • Chocolate cookie cream
  • Chocolate cream
  • Chocolate whipped cream
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Assembling & decorating
Week 3

Lesson 17

  • Lavender & apricot éclair
  • Apricot filling
  • Lavender éclair
  • Assembling & decorating
  • Velvet spray

Lesson 18

  • Eclair “Camus”
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate cream with cognac
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Velvet spray
  • Assembling, decorating & glazing

Lesson 19

  • Apple eclair
  • Apple filling
  • White chocolate ganache
  • Transparent glaze
  • Assembling, decorating & glazing

Lesson 20

  • Cream brulée eclair
  • Salted caramel
  • Cream brulée
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 21

  • Millefeuille éclair
  • Puff pastry recipe
  • Layering and baking
  • Hazelnut filling
  • Vanilla cream
  • White & chocolate glaze
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 22

  • Eclair Macaron
  • Macaron recipe
  • Chocolate cream
  • Red berries filling
  • Velvet spray
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 23

  • Eclair “Fox” for kids
  • Bubble gum cream
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Assembling & decorating
Week 4

Choux pastry with “Ring” shape

Lesson 24

  • Paris-Brest ring
  • Hazelnut praline cream
  • Caramelized hazelnuts
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 25

  • Raspberry ring with crumble
  • Vanilla cream
  • Raspberry cream
  • Ping glaze
  • Decorating & glazing

Choux and chouquettes

Lesson 26

  • Chouquettes
  • Vanilla cream

Lesson 27

  • Choux with nuts
  • Caramel cream
  • Hazelnut cream
  • Chcocolate decoration
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 28

  • The Nun Choux
  • Chocolate cream with orange
  • Tangerine filling
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Decorating & glazing
  • Bonus recipe: Christmas Wreath

Eclairs with “Unusual shape”

Lesson 29

  • Eclair “Drop”
  • Chocolate cream
  • How to bake éclair with certain shape: square, drop, tube, rectangle ect.
  • Oven settings and temperatures.
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 30

  • Eclair “Tart”
  • Chocolate cream with pepper
  • Syrup with pepper
  • Tart shell
  • Velvet spray
  • Assembling & decorating

Lesson 31

  • Square Sakura éclair
  • Vanilla cream
  • Cherry filling
  • How to bake éclair with certain shape: square, drop, tube, rectangle ect.
  • Oven settings and temperatures.
  • Chocolate decoration
  • Assembling & decorating
Who is this for & where to use
Shop owners
& Entrepreneurs
Impress your customers with new product offerings and learn efficient ways to produce profitable items.
Pastry chefs
Improve your career prospects with unique and sort after skills. No matter where you are working – pastry or chocolate production, bakery or restaurant.
Home production
& Startups
Supercharge your growth with innovative new products you can make at home or in a small production environment.
In the Flashland box:
01 All types of choux pastry
We’ll cover all types of choux pastry dough, both in a small batch of 2 kg and a large batch of 20 kg! We’ll make all kinds and shapes of eclairs and choux puffs which currently exist in the world. In the Flashland course you’ll learn how to make nice and beautiful eclairs of regular shape, eclairs topped with crumble, open-faced eclairs, choux circles, choux puffs and chouquettes, eclairs baked in molds.

02 All types of ovens
You’ll learn how to bake eclairs in any oven. We’ll start from a domestic oven, then move to a professional convection oven and end up with thousands of eclairs in an industrial deck oven. For each oven you’ll find a step-by-step instruction on perfect baking conditions, temperature and time. Baking choux pastries is not a problem anymore!
03 Hand piping & machine
You want to pipe a perfect eclair? Easy! You want to pipe thousands of perfect eclairs? It’s just a piece of cake! For small pastry shops and home bakers, we’ll show how to pipe eclairs by hand, what piping tip to use and how to improve it. For a big production, we’ll show how to use an eclair machine, how to choose it and adjust the settings to produce a thousand of eclairs daily.
04 Any kind of decoration
Upon completion of the Flashland course, you’ll be able to make eclairs with different types of decoration. We’ve included not only eclairs covered with glaze, but also eclairs with chocolate garnish, decorations from silicone molds, velour, macarons, puff pastry dough, cream and meringue decorations and so on.
05 "Recipes & Ingredients" book
We’ve prepared a book with step-by-step recipes, the ingredients used in the course, their description and recommendations for their selection and substitution. Are you from another country and don’t have the manufacturer, mentioned in the course? Don’t worry! Just have a look at the description of the ingredient and find an alternative available. Brand is no longer a problem!
06 Exclusive class - from simple to complex
Everybody knows that LANDBOX produces only exclusive courses, and Flashland is no different! This is the world’s first professional online course about eclairs and choux pastries which can make a difference for all types of production — from a small home kitchen to a large professional one. You will see how to make eclairs in the small kitchen with simple equipment, but then we'll move to professional kitchen with large machines and equipment.
07 Ready-made assortment for you
The course is full of the recipes and techniques which are enough to open an eclair shop. If you don’t want to use ready-to-use solutions, look through the recipe book to create unique combinations from more than 50 ingredients and their substitutions. We’ve prepared creams, fillings, icings and many other variations to fulfil all your needs.
08 "Problem & solution" book
For the course, we’ve prepared a unique book on questions and answers with pictures to the most frequent problems. In the book you’ll find a problem, its solution and a way to avoid it in the future. Something’s going wrong? Just open the book, find the picture with your problem and read the solution. Easy, isn’t it? =)
09 Business focused
The Flashland online course is not only about learning the recipes, techniques and production process. It’s also about applying the knowledge in your business. You’ll learn how to calculate production costs, get the recommendations on the packaging, sales and shelf life.
10 Recipe guarantees
To get the recipes and techniques is to be guaranteed the success. All the recipes and cooking procedures are applied in the production of the eclair shop «Vspyshka». These recipes and techniques make it possible to produce a thousand eclairs daily!
Course author
Hi! I am Aleksander Donskov, the author of Flashland. I have been making eclairs for more than 6 years and now I am happy to introduce my online course about eclairs to you. But first of all, let me tell you my story. I started my pastry career in 2014. I read a lot of pastry books, I took master-classes and then practiced.
In December 2015 my wife, a few friends and I launched the very first eclair shop in our city. We started in very small kitchen with an oven for 20 eclairs. Later in April 2016 we moved to a 40-m2 shop. And later in 2017, we already worked in a 85-m2. In the same year I started teaching my own master-classes.
By that time 10 people had worked in the production. At the end of 2018 we finished a brand-new 330-m2 shop and produced 1000 eclairs daily. Now we have more than 40 employees. And we’ve already made more than 1,5 million eclairs!
I hope and believe that you can also rise to your heights. Good luck and welcome to Flashland!

Flashland is online course about eclairs & all types of choux pastry.
In 30 lessons you’ll learn how to create perfect & smooth eclairs and choux pastry, from scratch. Learn how to make standard batch of choux pastry in small planetary mixer or big 20kg recipe for real production. You will also learn how to bake eclairs in any type of oven - home oven, convection or deck oven.Apply the information and techniques that you’ll discover in any type & size of production, shop or business immediately.
All our courses include
Unlimited Chef
Support & FAQs
We are already aware of your questions, that’s why each lesson goes with FAQ. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find an answer to the question. Our technical support takes care of your needs 24/7. The Chef will always
answer your questions.
PDF’s with recipes
for every lesson
All of them are easy to download. We’ve done our best to make them
 as cool as possible. =)
Optional Certificate
of Completion
Are you dreaming of getting a certificate of completion? No problem. Just complete the home assignments and then bob’s your uncle! Keep in mind, we aren’t pushing you 
to do that — totally up to you.
Great Value
for Money
We guarantee that the information and techniques learned during the courses are 100% life-related and can be directly applied to either production, shop or business. 
Spend your money now, and earn more later. Invest in the future like a real investor.
Regular updates
every year
We add new lessons to our courses yearly, based on participant feedback and product innovations. And of course, participants new and old will receive any updates!
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Starting date: October 9th
Course duration: 4 weeks
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FAQ questions
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I have a question about the course, who I can ask?
You can send your questions to , What's app or Telegram and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
How much does Flashland cost?
The course is 1155€ and includes your own account, 30 lessons and full support during the course.
Do you provide the list of ingredients that we need for the course?
Yes sure, you'll get this list in our 1st lesson. And you will have enough time to set up everything.
What equipment do I need to follow the course?
For sure you will need planetary mixer, oven, and piping bag with eclair nozzle. For the rest of equipment we have one big lesson only about equipment. We suggest to watch this lesson first, and then choose right equipment for your conditions.
Is this course in English?
Yes, online course Drageeland is totally in English. Including all materials.
How long does the support last?
The online support lasts for the duration of the course and 2 months after. But we always update our FAQs with new questions/answers from other students!
Do I have to complete homework during the course?
No! We trust you to decide what works best for you based on your experience and ambitions. However, we do hope you will use all knowledge in you life, production, pastry shop and ect.
I'm a total beginner, will this course suit me?
Absolutely! The course covers every step of the process, from the absolute basics through to complex techniques. You also have access to online support during the programme so we can help you with any questions you may have.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
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