A course about choux pastry dough and products made from it. The course deals with both classical techniques and non-standard ones, the features and subtleties of preparing choux pastry dough. We’ll also find a solution to the eternal problem of where to put the excess dough.
How to optimize eclair production
How to
optimize eclair production
Program of the course
  • Mini-choux with cream and caramel
  • Larger size choux with cream
  • Cooking process of caramel cream
  • Discussion the features of the preparation of the choux pastry dough
  • Cooking process of a separate caramel topping for choux
Lesson 1
  • Mini Ladyfinger cake with sour cream and raspberry
  • Baking the base of choux pastry dough for a cake
  • Raspberry cream cooking process
  • Filling cake blanks with cream
  • Cooking process of a mousse
  • Cake assembly
  • Decoration the product with a simple decor
Lesson 3
  • Choux pastry roulette with hazelnuts and raspberries
  • Sheets of choux pastry dough as a base for a roll
  • Cooking process of a hazelnut cream
  • Twisting the choux pastry roulette
  • Decoration the product with a simple decor
  • Discussion the features of twisting a roll of choux pastry dough
Lesson 2
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