A course focused on choux pastry dough and the products crafted from it. This course delves into both classical and unconventional techniques, exploring the nuances of preparing choux pastry. Additionally, we'll address the perennial issue of managing excess dough.
How to optimize eclair production
How to
optimize eclair production
Program of the course
  • Mini-Choux with Cream and Caramel
  • Large-sized choux filled with cream
  • Preparation of caramel cream
  • Discussion on the nuances of choux pastry dough preparation
  • Making a separate caramel topping for choux
Lesson 1
  • Mini Ladyfinger Cake with Sour Cream and Raspberry
  • Baking a choux pastry dough base for the cake
  • Raspberry cream preparation
  • Filling cake molds with cream
  • Mousse preparation
  • Assembling the cake
  • Decorating the product with simple decor
Lesson 3
  • Choux Pastry Roulette with Hazelnuts and Raspberries
  • Using sheets of choux pastry dough as the base for a roll
  • Hazelnut cream preparation
  • Rolling the choux pastry roulette
  • Decorating the product with simple decor
  • Discussing the intricacies of rolling choux pastry dough
Lesson 2
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