​​The course will teach you how to choose nuts for panning, make gumming layer to prevent fat blooming, different ways to caramelize nuts, store or freeze raw, prepared or caramelized nuts.
Course on preparation of nuts for dragees
on preparation of nuts for dragees
Program of the course
  • Selection of nuts and gumming
  • Which nuts are better to use for working with dragees
  • Differences between types of nuts from each other
  • How to use raw nuts in dragee
  • Prevent fat blooming
  • Gumming solution and gumming layer preparation
  • How to dry and not roast the nuts correctly
Lesson 1
  • Caramelization of nuts in production
  • What you need to know and what to pay attention to
  • The difference from the classical method of caramelization
  • How to caramelize 10−20kg of nuts at a time
  • Which nuts are suitable for this technology and how to store ready-made nuts
  • Features of a special syrup for caramelization and its preparation
  • Review of final results from all lessons
Lesson 3
  • First way to caramelize nuts.
  • The advantages of this method and the process of caramelization from beginning to end
  • Storage of caramelized nuts
Lesson 2
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