Panning attachment is a one-stop solution when starting your dragee production. On this page you will learn about the advantages of this equipment. Now the world of dragee will be open to you!
LANDBOX panning attachment
It's all in the details
16 liters
opening Diameter 20 cm
Comes with
Incline stand
Food grade stainless steel
sphere 34 cm
Output of finished products
3-3.5 kg
All you need to know
The tank consists of two parts and is quickly assembled. The attachment is easy to clean and store. Thanks to the wide diameter of opening, everything is visible inside during the cooking process and it’s possible to easily mix anything inside.
The panning attachment is suitable for absolutely any planetary mixer, as the attachment is selected individually for each order. The mount is interchangeable, if desired, you can order an additional one and change it yourself.
Produce from 200 to 400 kg of dragees per month. The maximum volume of 1 load is 3.5 kg. The panning attachment is suitable for chocolate and sugar dragees. About 30 types of dragee with different coatings and tastes will become available to you. Our pastry chefs have proven it.
The stand helps to keep the correct angle of inclination of 30 degrees, which will prevent the dragees from falling out of the device and the fall of expensive equipment. Open stainless steel half-sphere bowl is equipped with a protective silicone band.
Always in stock
Unlike other manufacturers, our attachment is always in stock.
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