In this course, you'll learn how to create a variety of sugar-free vegan spreads with extended shelf life. Beyond cooking techniques, you'll become familiar with various equipment used for spreads. Additionally, you'll delve into storage conditions and packaging.
Vegan fat-based and water-based spreads course
Vegan fat-based and water-based spreads course
Program of the course
  • Dark and Milk Spreads
  • Understand the necessary equipment to start making vegan spreads
  • Dark Spread with Tangerine
  • Chocolate-Vanilla Vegan Spread
Lesson 1
  • Milk Fat-Based Spreads
  • As a bonus, receive a PDF file with stickers to be used in the lessons
  • Chocolate-Vanilla Vegan Spread
  • Popcorn Vegan Spread (PDF Bonus)
  • Coffee Vegan Spread (PDF Bonus)
  • Cookie-Flavored Buckwheat Spread (PDF Bonus)
Lesson 3
  • White Spreads
  • Learn how to temper spreads correctly
  • Coconut Spread
  • Raspberry Vegan Spread
  • Mango-Passion Fruit Vegan Spread
Lesson 2
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