The online Box for creative skills
in food, pastry and art.
“ At Landbox we don’t claim
we have the best chefs, instead,
we show you. ”
Truly exclusive platform
We work together with the best in the industry to create a course which is truly unique and unlike anything else around.
Regular updates
We add new lessons to the course yearly, based on participant feedback and product innovations. And of course, participants new and old will receive any updates!
Expert Support
Have a niche question? Want to double check your work? Don’t fully understand a technique? Our expert chefs are on hand to answer all your questions (we may even make a new class about it).
One stop box
LANDBOX is the most in-depth course in the world, meaning it’s the only one you’ll ever need. Say goodbye to expensive live classes and overnight stays in strange hotels.
Business focused
Whether you want to open a shop, expand your product offering or strengthen your career prospects, our courses are focused on real world techniques and practices.
Available courses
We’re always cooking up
new courses.
With over 25 lessons you will learn how to create all varieties of chocolate and sugar dragées from start to finish. We’ll also cover shape, design, colour, filling and taste of both the inside and outside.
In over 35 lessons you’ll learn all the varieties of jams and spreads (water based and fat based), how to calculate your own jam recipes from scratch. The class will also cover candied fruits, candied citrus peels and fruit jellies.
The world’s first professional course about eclairs and choux pastry. In 30 lessons learn how to make all types of choux pastry at any production.
Professional online course about bakery, viennoiserie & puff pastry. In over 40 lessons you'll learn all types of puff pastry, croissant dough, brioche, donuts and other viennoiseries. The class covers also different fillings and glazes.
The world’s first professional online course about airbrushing in pastry art. In 30 lessons learn how to paint with an airbrush, learn variations of spraying techniques, create many different designs. Apply all knowledge in pastry, chocolate and airbrushing art.
Start June 2022
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We're the online box for creative skills in food, pastry and art. ”
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